Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookfulness?

Bookfulness is a monthly subscription box or one off gift box for book lovers consisting of two options; our Bookfulness Box and our Taster Bookfulness Box. Subscriptions automatically renew on the 1st of each month.

What do I get?

This depends on your choice of box. Within the Bookfulness Box you receive full sized items, including a recently released paperback book, delicious snacks, skincare and a surprise gift! The Taster Box is very similar, however it will contain sample sizes of the delicious products featured in the Bookfulness Box and does not contain a surprise gift (the book is still full sized of course!) 

What will I pay for shipping?

Shipping within the UK is free; international rates vary. 

Will I be able to decide what I get?

Unfortunately not, however we will be requesting certain information at checkout, such as your preference of genre, snacking preferences and allergies to ensure your experience is as tailored (and perfect!) as possible. 

When is Bookfulness shipped?

Bookfulness boxes ship in the last two weeks of each month. Orders for each month's box close on the 1st of the month however gift orders are sent out within 7 days! 

What is the cost and how can I pay?

The Bookfulness Box costs £28.95 per month and the Bookfulness Taster Box costs £16.95 per month! You can pay using any major credit/debit card or via paypal! You will be charged for your first box immediately, then on the 1st of each month for subsequent boxes.

Can I cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel at any time before your box is shipped, however there is also an option to simply skip a box! If you really would like to cancel though, I'm sorry to hear this! But you can do so via your account.

Can I return/change my book if I already have it? 

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges at the moment. We do only include recent releases (within the last 1-2 months) within our boxes however, to ensure as best we can that this situation does not arise. 

Important Note: 

While you specify your genre preference, please note this is not guaranteed as we supply recent releases. However, we will always try to ensure the book meets your preferences as closely as we can.

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